Coiled Tubing

The coiled tubing unit is a self-contained, easily-transported, hydraulically-powered workover unit that injects and retrieves a continuous string of tubing into a larger string of tubing or casing. The system can be used on land or off-shore and does not require a separate workover rig. The CTU can be used on live wells and allows continuous injection of fluids while continuing to move the pipe. Several important factors influence the day-to-day decisions made in the oil and gas industry. Efficiency, flexibility, performance, the environment – the list is endless. But by far, the most critical factor is economy. Coiled Tubing Applications


  • Plug & AbandonmentsSet & Retrieve Bridge Plugs & Packers
  • Foam & Wellbore Cleanout
  • Hydroblasting Services
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Fluid Displacement & Stimulation
  • Sand control
  • Flowline Cleanout
  • Horizontal & Deviated Completions
  • Horizontal Logging and Perforating
  • Fishing


  • ¬†Quick Rig Up and Rig Down
  • Fast Trip Times
  • Economical Plug and Abandonments
  • Eliminate Waiting On Cement (WOC)
  • Reduced Potential For Formation Damage
  • Continuous Circulation
  • Reduced Fluid Cost

Coil Tubing/Special Services

  • 1.25 & 1.5 Coiled Tubing units
  • 350/750 Foamers w/1000# / 2000# Boosters
  • Triplex Circulating Pumps
  • Bulk Cement Trucks
  • End Dumps & Flat Bed Trailers
  • Backhoes & Frontend Loaders
  • Excavator
  • Casing Jacks
  • Power Swivels 2.5/85 ton & 3.5/120 ton

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