Solar Light Tower

Light Tower Capabilities

  • Bright clean LED lighting.
  • Fuel efficient Hybrid Solar/Diesel Unit.
  • Safe and easy rig up process.
  • Equipped with automated photocell that detects ambient light to turn on light tower.
  • Actuators on the light tower provides you with the capability of moving the direction of each light head where needed without having to rig down the unit.
  • Offers large fuel tank which can result in less fill up times needed.
  • Offers a GPS tracking device in each unit to monitor and notify us of any malfunctions or problems with the unit.
  • 2100 mm Frame
  • 15’ X 8’ X 7’ 5’’ unit width length and height
  • 23’ (7 m) Hydraulic Mast
  • 1200 W Solar Array: (4)
  • MOBILIGHT D60 Kubota 1505
  • 13 KVA Generator
  • 78 gallon onboard fuel tank
  • (8) AGM Batteries, 520 Ah
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • AC Charger: (4) 40A 24V
  • Remote controlled rotation and tilt of LED modules
    Auto start Controller

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