Absolute Pressure Firing Head

MMI Services is proud to run HPI’S ¬†Absolute Pressure Firing Head.¬† The Circulating Pressure Firing Head makes it possible to perform operations which require explosives (perforating, jet cutters, chemical cutters, etc.) on coiled tubing.

The system is designed to allow circulation before detonation, and after detonation to maintain well control. Pressure is applied to the coil driving a firing pin onto a percussion detonator which initiates the explosive tool. Circulation before detonation can be achieved by using a “ball drop” model. This allows coiled tubing to be run in hole with communication between coil ID and production tubing. A ball is dropped which seats in the piston profile allowing pressure to increase for actuation. Generally, the application is for horizontal and high angle wells where conventional wireline operations are difficult.

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