Auxiliary Pipe Recovery Services

Metal Severing Tool

For difficult pipe recovery situations, a number of metal severing tools are available to cut heavy-walled pipe strings. The metal-severing tool utilizes a patented of synchronized detonation to produce two wavefronts, which collide at the center of the tool, severing heavy-walled pipe for quick recovery.

Jet Perforators

Specially designed jet perforators are recommended for perforating an inner pipe string to establish circulation without damaging the outer string (e.g., drill pipe or tubing inside the casing). A number of jet perforator models are available. Several types of perforating charges are available to perforate drill pipe or collars in an open hole.


Split shot

The Split Shot™® Cutter is run in a linear configuration adjacent to any collar or connection and positioned by in-line magnets. After detonation, the collar or connection is split allowing the pipe to be freed for easy removal.

The Split Shot™® Cutters’ small diameter allows it to move easily past obstacles. Wells with severe down-hole obstructions that have been abandoned because conventional pipe recovery techniques were not possible, can now be easily reworked and brought back on production or injection.

Three sizes of Split Shot™® Cutters will perform 99% of current conventional or non-conventional pipe recovery operations. These three sizes will cut tubing or casing ranging from 1.315″ O.D. up to 16″ O.D. The need for a cutter for each size of pipe is now eliminated.

(Split Shot™® is a trade mark for Core Laboratories).

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