Chemical Cutter

The chemical cutter has been successfully used in pipe recovery operations for many years. This tool will cut through tubing, casing or drill pipe in a faction of a second without damaging an adjacent string. The cut is flare-free. burr-free and undistorted. This allows easy engagement of an overshot without having to dress up the fishtop.

Chemical cuts do not require the pipe to be torqued up as does the string shot-backoff. Occasionally stuck pipe will rotate, even though it cannot be pulled, making the backoff impossible. Under such conditions, the chemical cutter is the recommended service.

Chemical Cutter Applications

  • Provide an instantaneous cut, free of
  • burrs or flares
  • Prevent damage to adjacent strings of
  • tubing, casing or drill pipe
  • Rated to 400 F for one hour and
  • 10,000 to 20,000 psi, depending on
  • cutter size.
  • Completely free of debris
  • Allow safe, quick, clean and effective
  • operation (wireline conveyed)
  • Facilitate subsequent fishing
  • operations
  • Selected cutters can be modifed for
  • special applications

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