Jet Cutter

Jet cutters are available for severing practically any size downhole tubing, drill pipe or casing. The cutting action is produced by a circular-shaped charge. This type of cutter typically leaves a flare on the severed pipe string. In order to perform subsequent pipe recovery operations, it is necessary to smooth the top end of the fish with an internal mill, usually run one with an over-shot. Caution should be exercised while running the jet cutter to avoid damage to adjacent tubing and casing
strings and to minimize debris that could hinder subsequent wireline operations


Jet Cutter Applications

  • Sever virtually any size, weight and grade of tubing, drill pie or casing
  • Special cutters to go through certain tubing restrictions such as seating nipple or packer
  • Available to cut bull plugs, tailpipe or tubing-conveyed perforating assemblies to perform subsequent through-tubing operations
  • Cut pipe in heavy mud
  • Use in pipe salvage operations
  • Facilitate pipe recovery operations

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