Multi-Finger Caliper

The Multi-Finger Caliper instrument mechanically measures the inside diameter of downhole tubular goods. Two channels of information are recorded at the surface. One recording shows the minimum measured internal radius and the other shows the maximum measured internal radius. When the casing is relatively new, the Multi-Finger Caliper Log reveals the casing’s greatest and least wall thicknesses. This information is useful for determining whether there is abnormal casing wear caused by rubbing of drill pipe on the inside casing wall.

The Multi-Finger Caliper tool is also used to detect internal pits, holes, splits, parted or deformed casing.

  • Locate evidence of internal metal loss from corrosion, erosion, or mechanical wear
  • Locate and measure mechanical wear on casing.
  • Measure the internal diameter and its concentricity.
  • Locate casing collars and diverter valve tools
  • Identify casing joints with differing weights or wall thicknesses
  • Locate pits or holes in casing
  • Detect and evaluate defects due to mechanical failure
  • Distinguish between parting and a split in the casing

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