Nitro-Gel shots are a proven value in many applications where a large amount of concentrated explosive energy is required. Nitro-Gel is available in strengths varying from 40% to 75%. Individual sticks are available in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 2″ diameter, and 8″ through 16″ in length. The standard size for most applications is 75% / 2″ X 16″ sticks.


Most Common Applications:

  • Cavity Shots: Nitro-Gel packed inside tin or PVC canisters available in 2″ through 20″ O. D. sizes.
  • Sump Shots:  Small amounts of Nitro-Gel are set off on the bottom of a sump. The force breaks up the ground, allowing for free seepage.
  • Surface Shots:  Nitro-Gel is used to break up large cement slabs, cellars and large boulders etc.


String Shot Perforation Cleaning

PERFORATION CLEANING is done effectively by detonation primacord over the selected intervals of plugged perforations. The vibratory force released from the shot loosens all hard particles that accumulate in the well. The expansive force of the shot displaces the fluid in the wellbore out through the perforations and back, causing a washing action. This procedure is normally done twice over the same interval to insure an effective job of cleaning.

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